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Servicing Injection Moulding Machines with 36 years experience in servicing Sumitomo Demag Machines in this field
 T & H Repair Services offer a complete professional repair service to manufacturing companies.
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Servicing Sumitomo Demag Ergotech Machines in the repair of injection moulding machines. My experience enables me to repair your machine when the OEM technician and other repair services have failed. We have built well established relationships with injection moulding manufacturers so that we can have the information and parts to repair your out of warranty machines to OEM Specifications - Injection Moulding Machine Repair - Controller repair and troubleshooting - Installation of a New Modern Controller - Retro fit older machines - Hydraulic system troubleshooting - Repair Valves and Pumps - Injection moulding machine levelling - Tie bar Installation and removal / replacement of tie bars or broken tie bars